What hosts say. . .

I have been hosting for 15 years. My son has grown up having students in the house and enjoyed it so much that now he has his own house he wants to host too!” Wirral

“We have hosted for the last four years for a few weeks mainly in spring and summer but also a little in the winter and have really enjoyed the experience. Some of our students stay for just a week but others have stayed for longer. Our children love having students here as some of them become part of the family and we wish they could stay much longer. It’s very easy. We put fruit juice, cereal and bread out for everyone to help themselves in the morning and it’s just a case of plating up an extra meal in the evening. Some students we hardly see as they are busy studying in their room, at the language school or out on trips. It’s a great experience and we are often sad when our

students leave but we enjoy staying in touch with them and have even been invited to stay with them in their home country!” Crosby


‘We have found that all the children that we have hosted have been respectful and interesting to talk to.
Trying to understand each other is sometimes a laugh.
We  find that we get a lot out of their visit i.e. learning about their culture and listening to the stories about their life.
We are still in contact with students who we hosted 30 years ago.
We would recommend hosting to anyone and of course  the money is useful.’ Southport


‘Being a host family is a really interesting experience. We've met some lovely young people from lots of different countries. We've found them to be very polite and respectful. We would definitely recommend it.’  Crosby.

"We are a couple of pensionable age who wanted to try hosting to give us an insight into other nationalities and earn some money for the extras in life. We were a bit nervous but were given help and guidance ....which made our first year memorable. 

We hope this has been reflected in the fact our very first student has asked to stay with us again this year. 

It is pleasure being part of this scheme enabling us to earn a little money while showing the students our beautiful area , customs and way of life. 

I would like to think our students have gained as much as we have. We are looking forward to hosting again this year."



What the guests say…


19 year old Swiss student

"I really enjoyed coming to Liverpool to learn English. The town is pretty nice and people are very friendly. I also appreciated staying a host family ! Mine was welcoming, friendly and generous. The children were full of life ! The parents were there if I had questions about my English."


16 year old Italian student 

"When I was 16 I decided to stay for one month with a host family! I think that this is the perfect choice not only to improve your English but also to know the English culture and have someone who can help you and give you some advice during your stay. 
I met a very nice host family that help me from the first to the last day of my stay making me feel at home! I have the possibility to play sport also with the children and had some activities with the family! One of the best experience of my life, I'd recommend it!!!"