Who can become a Homestay host?

Our Homestay hosts are all different. You could be a family with children or retired and looking to fill your empty nest. The guests are just looking for a friendly welcome, clean room, food and conversation to enhance their studies.

What is expected of me as a Homestay host?

You are expected to make your guests feel welcome by being friendly, providing meals, a clean spare room with storage for their possessions, space to study and regular clean sheets and towels. You should provide WIFI and access to your washing machine.  

How much commitment do I have to make?

Hosts are needed all year round but our particularly busy times for hosting junior students are April, June, July and August however you can decide when you would like to host. It is flexible.

I work. Can I still host?

Yes, as long as you are able to provide breakfast and evening meal and are available to chat to your guests you can work and host. Generally students leave the homestay at around 8am and return at 6pm. 

Will I pay tax by providing Homestay accommodation?

You may be exempt from paying income tax on up to £7500 received from renting a spare room out. If you are unsure please consult HMRC. 



Who are the guests?

They are from all over the world but mainly from Europe. They could be a school group including teachers or they could be individuals wanting to improve their English for work or university studies. Occasionally we have requests to provide Homestay accommodation for interns or employees on secondments.

What if my guest has special dietary requirements?

You will be advised  at the booking in stage if your guest has any special dietary requirements. We appreciate the extra costs this may incur and can provide extra expenses paid directly to the host.

Sometimes, even if your guest has booked half or full board, they may opt to eat out. If this is the case they are asked to let their hosts know in advance.


What support will I receive?

You will receive support and advice from Your Homestay and the welfare department of the language school your guest is attending. 

Will my guest be in the house all the time?

No. Your guest is keen to improve their English and this is the main purpose of their educational trip. They will attend daily weekday lessons in either a school in Liverpool city centre or Southport College and they will attend organised activities or excursions around Liverpool and Southport. At the weekend they may also travel to different parts of the country on organised cultural trips.  

How do I apply?

Call 07795023506 or email jo@yourhomestay.co.uk 

Apply We will help you to complete your application form

Home visit A Homestay Consultant will visit your home at your convenience

Documents You will receive important information about hosting

Booking You will discuss your availability and be offered guests to host

Frequently Asked Questions