Recruiting now!

Earn extra money by using your spare room.

We are looking for Homestay hosts in the following areas:

Southport (or within 20 minute commute by foot, bus or train) 

Liverpool (or within a 40 minute commute by foot, bus or train)

We have large groups of students from all over the world eager to come to Southport and Liverpool to see our heritage, sample our culture and improve their English at their Language School and by talking to their hosts. Students stay for mini trips (3 – 4 days), short trips (1 – 6 weeks) or longer (over 6 weeks).



What we are looking for:

  • Friendly hosts in clean and welcoming homes

  • WIFI 

  • A clean spare bedroom with a bed, storage for belongings and good light (furniture requirements are dependant on the length of stay)

  • Breakfast and dinner (and packed lunch if full board)

  • Access to a television

  • Laundry facilities



What we pay:

Payments vary greatly depending on the age of the student, board basis, dietary requirements, length of stay, how many students you host and which school you host for. But for example if you hosted two students aged 15 on full board basis for 2 weeks you could receive around £640. Payments differ depending on age or if they have special dietary requirements.



Benefits of hosting:

  • Extra income from your spare room(s)

  • Flexible

  • Meet new people from different parts of the world

  • If you have children yourself they can learn some new vocabulary or could practice the languages they are already learning at school. 

  • There is sometimes time to show off your local area to your student but this is dependent on their course times and trip schedules.


More information is in our FAQ section.


If you would like to become a host or would like more information contact us on:

Jo           07795023506

Becoming a homestay host